Edgeland title

Keeping to the creative theme, I spent a couple of hours creating an Edgeland title the old school way. Using hand cut templates and moving lights, I’m very pleased with the results. Not gonna reveal the video just yet though!


Barrow Shoot

After a failed attempt to collect footage in Barrow (on a very windy day) I returned to pick up where I left off. I spent 12 hours filming in and around the town, capturing its industrial character and dramatic setting, and trying to convey some of the pride that the locals feel. Many people disregard Barrow as a place to visit but I have enjoyed every minute I have been there, the pride and community is evident at every turn and the landscape, with its mix of industry, mountainscape and seaside is incredibly dramatic. Here is a selection of photographs from the shoot.

Ocean Stores, South Walney

The Crab House

The 4×4 Capacities of this little baby didn’t quite cut it this time!

Peil Island from South Walney

South Walney Beach

Marine heritage

Red Brick tenements

BAE Systems

Community allotments

A foray into creative writing

Edgeland has been an ever changing process, it re-forms and mutates every time I pick up my camera or look back to the planning process. This is what I love about working within a creative industry, the ever changing nature of my work. I knew from the word go that this project was going to be multi-dimensional and not just focus on documentary filmmaking. I have been working on some poetry/spoken word for the opening sequence of the film, it is an unfamiliar medium but I have really enjoyed it and am confident that it will add a really emotive and creative element to the finished piece. All I need now is a deep, gravelly, gripping voice for the part, any ideas?